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Low Global Warming Aerosol for the professional DUSTING TOOLS

The professional GREEN CLEAN “Dusting Tools” are significantly enhanced by the use of a new, environmentally friendly raw material, which contributes to the reduction of the global warming potential with the same efficiency and the same safety standards as conventional raw materials.

The new gas “SolsticeTM” (HFO 1234ze from Honeywell) is currently the only available non-combustible raw material for aerosols with extremely low global warming potential – “ultra low global warming potential” UL GWP.

SosticeTM propellant is the replacement solution for HFC134A which allows a smooth and cost-effective conversion while dramatically reducing CO2 emissions.

The new gas has a GWP reduction of more than 99.6% compared to traditional products with the same quality and non-flammable.

The 400 ml can of the new “Air Power HI-TECH” generates with 6 bar at 20 °C a particularly strong pressure with stable pressure behaviour. All proven GREEN CLEAN Dusting Tools can also be used with this product. This turns the spray can into a multifunctional tool.

The GREEN CLEAN Dusting Tools guarantee optimum application, are extremely robust and designed for long-term use – unnecessary disposable parts are saved.

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