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How to clean a camera sensor

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For single-lens-reflex camera

CCD- CMOS- und System-cameras.

Wet & Dry Sensor Cleaning
are pre-soaked, individually sealed applicators.

Correct fluid content with Wet Foam Swab – an essential aspect of safe application. The special pre-treatment of our DRY SWEEPER guarantees stripe free cleaning!

Correct fluid content with Wet Foam Swab – an essential aspect of safe application!

Wet Foam

  • Grime solvent
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-inflammable
  • No -over-dosage
  • No spelling of solvent
  • Dissolves grime smudges
  • Safe handling

Dry Sweeper NEW
NEW Dry Sweeper used directly after Wet Foam application, in order to lift off the dissolved grime. Silky Wipe is fixed with ultrasonic.

Importantly: Wet & Dry are available in two widths! Select the correct size, for full frame size sensor or non full frame size sensor.

  • smooth  SILKY WIPE guarantees sensitive cleaning proceed
  • thin spatula shape – accurate handling control
  • streak-free, gentle cleaning
  • double layer fabric – slides easy
  • fluff-free
  • supersoft microfiber – smooth edges
  • cleanroom 100
  • vacuum sealed

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