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Gentle suction or lift off small particles

By 30. April 2019June 27th, 2019No Comments

Under pressure principle for gentle vacuuming or lifting off the finest particles.

The particles removed are collected in a transparent, washable plastic container. Permanent high grade steel filters prevent the fine particles from escaping during the vacuuming process. This mini vacuum cleaner can be applied in those cases where dusting is not possible.

The high pressure of Air Power PRO results in a suction strength similar to that of a 1 m high water column – even the smallest particles can be lifted from inaccessible component parts.

Advantages and characteristics of the Mini Vacuum Suction System:

  • Components not exposed to expansion pressure
  • No direct contact with gas
  • No whirling or extrusion of particles
  • PICK UP protective tube – abrasion-free material (DSLR cameras)

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