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b-glider – unique carrying strap for SLR and mirrorless cameras.

Carrying strap that combines comfort, design and a wide range of applications.

B-glider ist der einzige Kamera-Tragegurt, der alle Vorzüge eines beweglichen Gurtes mit überragenden ergonomischen Eigenschaften verbindet.

For outdoor use, the B-glider carrying strap can be attached directly to the backpack using the accessories supplied. And that’s not all: In combination with our quick-release plate QRP the camera can be released in a flash. See for yourself how convenient it is to quickly remove the camera from the strap and take a freehand picture. An indispensable accessory for both professionals and amateurs.

Camera strapt B-glider: many indispensable properties, combined in one product.

Thanks to its unique product design, the B-glider for SLR and mirrorless cameras combines safety and ease of use. The weight of the camera rests on the shoulder, allowing the photographer to shoot freely and comfortably. The camera can be easily moved along the strap and allows fast and effortless shooting.

And comfort? Of course, it comes first! The soft neoprene shoulder pad with non-slip inner side is equipped with our “Stopper Band System”, an additional belt that prevents deformation of the pad adapts to the body and thus guarantees optimum weight distribution. A wide nylon strap also ensures ideal weight distribution. Due to the quickly and easily adjustable length of the strap and the movable camera guide, the camera fits comfortably against the body during transport.
Fastening and removing the camera from the carrying system is really child’s play. Dank unserer patentierten QRP-Schnellwechselplatte mit Vierpunktbefestigung sind Belastungen von bis zu 8 kg kein Problem! Der Kamera-Tragegurt B-glider ist auch mit den anderen Produkten von B-grip wie HS, TA und BH kompatibel.

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