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Multifunctional camera strap system

b-grip – UNO Multifunctional camera strap system

The Nr. 1 in versatility

From the developers of the first and unparalleled belt carrying system with quick release plate for cameras…here comes UNO!

UNO holds the camera steady and anchored to the body during its movements, it easily attaches to any type of backpack as well as belt and bag.

The camera on the backpack is securely fixed by UNO and stable.
UNO is comfortable and does not overstrain the neck and back like traditional carrying straps. Simple and intuitive pull out and reattach.

Thanks to the U-shaped steel temple, the set can be easily attached to your belt. A convenient and ingenious solution at the same time.

The UNO consists in principle of the following material: Durethan, one of the most suitable polymer properties for technical use. Durethan from Lanxess is classified HPM ( High Performance Material ) uand is used for high-quality products. The property of  Durethan makes the UNO light, durable and unique in its kind. The U-brackets are made of steel, the screws of the adapter plate have a ¾” threads and guarantee a tidy sliding surface and protect the thread at the same time.

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